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How to control your Domoticz SmartVirtualThermostat (SVT) from your linux desktop or your Raspberry Pi with python and pygame

Smart Virtual Thermostat Plugin for domoticz is provided by Logread 999LV (SVT Domoticz repository : ). Many thanks to him!

This utility  will help you to control from internet your domoticz virtual thermostat from a Raspberry Pi equipped with a TFT screen or from any linux PC.

Screenshot_20181229_155406 Screenshot_20181229_155153 Screenshot_20181229_155611



Install libraries:

$ git clone


$ cd thermostat-domoticz
$ sh


Modify config.ini

server= # Enter your domoticz server name
username=  # Enter username if exists
password=  # Enter password to access your domoticz server

Start Thermostat Domoticz

$ source venv/bin/activate

Start  linux desktop script:

$ python

Or start  raspberryPi with TFT script

$ python

‘Alt-PageDown’ key or ‘n’ key to roll over the 4 available displays Click to change Meteo Station when displaying forecasts. Meteo Stations are defined within

tlocations = (
				{'code': 'FRXX0099' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'FRXX4269' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'FRXX3651' , 'color': BLACK},
				{'code': 'BRXX3505' , 'color': DARKGREEN}