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Decode and parse the Oregon Scientific V3 radio data transmitted by OWL CM180 Energy sensor (433.92MHz)

Owl micro+ Wireless electricity monitor runs on Oregon Scientific V3 protocol.

After buying one of those wonderful little devices to study the energy consumed at home, i browsed the internet to find a way to decode frames sent by the transmitter (CMR180) but I have not found any application describing the coding system of the data within  the radio frames. So I decided to study the radio packets to decode the system.


Please visit the Github repository (https://github.com/onlinux/OWL-CMR180) to get all information about how to decode the packets.

Code available for RaspberryPi and Arduino.

Load arduino sketch to run a mini Owl Micro+ energy monitor as shown on the picture above.(https://raw.github.com/onlinux/OWLCMR180/master/arduino/oregon_owl.ino)