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Actuator widget plugin for freeboard.io


A damn-sexy, open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups.

What is It?

Freeboard is a turn-key HTML-based “engine” for dashboards. Besides a nice looking layout engine, it provides a plugin architecture for creating datasources (which fetch data) and widgets (which display data)— freeboard then does all the work to connect the two together. Another feature of freeboard is its ability to run entirely in the browser as a single-page static web app without the need for a server. The feature makes it extremely attractive as a front-end for embedded devices which may have limited ability to serve complex and dynamic web pages.

Actuator widget plugin for freeboard.io

This widget plugin is based on the interactive-indicator created by Stufisher.

See it in action @ https://onlinux.fr/freeboard

Actuator Widget

Actuator Widget

Github repository: https://github.com/onlinux/freeboard-plugins

I modified it  mainly to fit my needs. It merely links the states ON and OFF to URLs.

actuator-2A click on the indicator switches the state ON/OFF of the actuator which is bound to a http request.


Copy the plugin (actuator.js  from https://github.com/onlinux/freeboard-actuator-plugin) to your freeboard installation, for example:

$ cp ./actuator.js /freeboard/plugins/

Edit the freeboard index.html file and add a link to the plugin near the end of the head.js script loader, like:

  $(function() {
    //DOM Ready